Acceleration14: Who will become Champion? will be visiting Acceleration14. During this great event the winner of the Dutch Supercar Challenge will be crowned champion. With three cars fighting for the lead it is too close to call. Lets check out which teams and cars will be fighting for the championship.

1. MartinoRosso, Ferrari 458 GT2                  points: 225

We have been supporting team MartinoRosso since the beginning with their gorgeous Ferrari 458 GT2. With direct help from AFcorse and very constant driving from both the drivers they have been scoring lots of points during the season. However with just two races to go they have just 1 point left. 

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2. Raceart Dodge Viper GT3                          points: 224

Team Raceart races with a brand new Dodge Viper GT3, the only one in Europe. With direct help from the factory in the USA they have made giant steps during the season. While the street Viper doesn’t sell like they had imaged, this racing version is very fast and has a lot of grunt down low giving it an advantage coming out of corners and at high speed tracks like Spa, which they won during the first race.

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3. Day-V-Tec Volvo V8 silhouet                      points: 218

The Day-V-Tec Volvo V8 car is basicly a silhouet car fitted with a Volvo front nose but powered by a 700HP V8 corvette engine. The low weight, all in the middle and the massive power of the car makes this combination very fast around the corners. During the Gamma racing days at Assen earlier this year they had a mechanical problem during the first race but the second race they won.

With only 7 points behind the leaders it will be too hard to call who will be champion in the SuperGT class. All we hope is that it will be a clean race and no accident will happen which would influence the championship.

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GTB division:

In the GTB division team Curbstone is leading the championship with their Ferrari 458 GT3. They are also on fighting with a Dodge Viper, but with 22 points in the lead they have some air. They need to finish and take points during the weekend to become champions. Winning would be hard as they have lots of penalty second and even an extra 80KG to carry around. 

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Acceleration14 is a great event for the entire family. As we have seen at the Nurburgring there is lots of action on and off the track. During the weekend there own F1 class called FA1 will be rocking around Assen with a great V8 soundtrack. During Friday evening there will a 70’s and 80’s party with David Hasselhoff and on Saturday they will entertain the crowds with a Oktoberfest. Come and check out this great event and find out who will be champion.

Promo Acceleration14(2)Promo Acceleration14(3)Promo Acceleration14(4) will be reporting live from this event, so be sure to like us on to stay up-to-date who will become champion.


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