Rolling50 Sport 1 Trackday part 1 attended a very sunny Sport1 trackday at the Nurburgring. This yearly event brings car culture to the Nurburgring in every aspect. There are drifting areas in the paddock area, show and shine competitions at the boulevard and ¼ mile racing at the racetrack.

The ¼ mile event is organized by SCC500 a German supercar club with over 100 cars. This club talks, races and tunes their cars to see which car is fastest. With some of the most extreme cars in their portfolio like tuned 9ff Porsches with more than 1000HP, a tuned Nissan GTR alpha, multiple BMW Gpower monsters and the big Audi Power saloons this club is packed with action. was there to check out the Rolling50 events. A ¼ mile race starting from 50kph. With cars like a Ferrari F12, 458 a BMW dinan 5.8 stroker, a 700HP Bimmer tuning BMW M5 F10 and many more there was lots to see and hear. 


Most of these cars are tuned. Almost all of the owners have attempted to tune their cars to have a little bit of an edge. From some of these cars you expect them to be fast but from a 500HP Golf R or a 700HP Audi TT-RS you don't while they are almost unbeatable from the line. However the other club members brought some very big HP cars like the Ferrari F12 or a 700HP tuned BMW M5 F10 vs. a 700HP RS6 with a full Miltek race exhaust. These battles are a lot of fun to see and hear. Some totally different cars are very similar from a roll. Like a tuned BMW X5M vs. a Ferrari 458, you would expect the Ferrari to walk the big SUV. However the Ferrari had his hands full with this big power SUV.


This is only part one so you can expect lots of great cars to come, however Tomedelic1 has already made a video about one specially tuned BMW M6 convertible. This one is tuned by Manhart racing, with a tuned ECU, full exhaust, new wheels and intakes this car makes over 700HP and looks great in this bright blue color.

Check it out down below:

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