Rolling50 Sport 1 Trackday part 2 attended the Sport1 Trackday at the Nurburging. You have seen our first report full of Supercars on the main straight. But thats not all with over 100 Supercars we are not done yet. Check out our follow up down below full of the best cars SCC500 club has to offer. We were on the main straight of the Nurburgring were Rolling50 went on for more than one hour. Some of the cars where trying to heat up their tires for more traction, like the 700HP BMW M6 convertible. This beautiful blue M6 is tuned by Manhart-racing with a full racing exhaust, new intakes and wheels and updated ECU producing over 700HP and destroying his tires with ease with some great burnouts. We had a lovely diversity of cars like a manual Lamborghni Murcielago, Dodge challenger, Mercedes C63 AMG. Almost all of these cars are not standard, all packing more horsepower than stock.


Like the three BMW M3 e9X cars all with a Gpower Supercharger kit and full aftermarket exhaust. Most have chosen Akrapovic for the most HP performance. We also loved the new Corvette which looks so beastly and sounds like a real muscle car. After the 1/4 mile was done we all drove to the first corner of the Nurburgring for a photo report and to award the prizes. There are multiple categories depending on the amount of HP and weight of the car. We shot some awesome shots with all these cars together is was a brilliant sight.


Don't forget, we are not done yet, more is to come so stay tuned and like us at

More video coming up at but the first one if from the 700HP BMW M6 by Manhart tuning destroying his tires by some awesome burnouts. You will also see some onboards as the owner was kind enough to give Tomedelic1 a ride to the first corner. 


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