Rolling50 Sport 1 Trackday part 3 attended the Sport 1 trackday. As you have allready seen in part one and part two the Nurburgring was filled with great cars from SCC500. During Sport1 trackday the Nurburgring and the erea around it is filled with all kinds of activities. We got drifting in the paddock erea, show and shine at the ring boulevard and Rolling50 and 1/4 at the Nurburgring main straight. You have allready seen most of the cars in the SCC500 club. However the president of the club drives one of the fastest Porsche Turbo's out there. Fitted with a Capristo exhaust system and tuned to almost 700HP this all wheel drive monster is always ready to race. In this final part rolling50 was over and ready to go back to the paddock, meaning lots of great noises, big crowds and great cars.


As you can see there were some big crowds welcoming these great cars back. Whats a better way to say "Hi" Lamborghini style, doorssss up. Lots of great tuned Porsches by 9ff had some serious horsepower well over 800HP to 1000HP monsters. However I especially liked the BMW M5 Touring, the ultimate car carrier. The famous BMW M5 e60 5.8 Dinan stroker was also making some insane noises. Stay tuned on for some crazy sounds.


We went to the ring boulevard, where all the shops are located and to meet Sydney from PS-profi's and to see all the other nice cars. Like the Capristo exhaust stand with the gorgeous Ferrari F12 and their Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system, looking great. But we also saw the first tuned Lamborghini Huracan by XXX-performance. From what we know is that they are working on a 800HP tuned version of this great looking car.We also saw american wrapped Lambo Gallardo attracting a lot of attention with that wrap, looking good thought.

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