SuperCarSunday part 3: The Hypercar line up visited SuperCarSunday which was an awesome event to shoot and to experience. You have allready seen the Supercar/Hypercar paddock and the Supercars on track. Now it is time for even more hypercars. It was time to put them all together for the ultimate Hypercar line up. It was time for a LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, lots of Koenigseggs, McLaren P1 and even a non streetable McLaren P1 GTR all put togher on the track making this an EPIC line up!

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Around three O'clock the alarm went off and we saw every Hypercar starting up. We knew something EPIC was about to happen. These hypercars were chased after by tens of youngsters while we waited down the pit lane to see them coming. Seeing a McLaren P1 and a P1 GTR next to eachother is sight to behold. If after that a LaFerrari, a 918 Spyder and lots of Koenigseggs show up you can't stop looking. It was hard to pick which car to photograph and were to look.

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All the cars were lined up on the main straight of the Assen circuit. What a lovely sight to see and to walk through millions of euros worth of cars. Have you ever seen so many Hypercars next to eachother? We were so happy to see all these cars lining up ready to go on track and for us to hear. We even were lucky enough to fit a Gopro camera on the leading McLaren P1 car, so stay tuned on for some epic hypercar footage. 

Even Boosted Boris couln't steel to show, from all of these hypercars. Although all of this capitalism must have gone through his head.

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