SuperCarSunday part 5: Leaving Hypercar world visited SuperCarSunday during a cloudy sometimes rainy day. Thankfully the Assen circuit was filled with every Supercar and Hypercar available. An incredible line up went on the track and showed their class of the track. In part one you guys have seen the Supercar paddock, after that in part two these supercars went on track. After that an even more impressive line up took place on the main straight. Cars like the McLaren P1, P1 GTR, The Laferrari, the 918 Spyder and so much more just flooded the main straight with millions. After a parade lap in part four, these guys could go for it.

Revving these insane hypercars was a pleasure to hear. Every sound available, from the howling V12 flame spitting Aventador, to the dark and brutal Koenigsegg Agera R and the turbo wash of the McLaren P1. 

Supercarsunday 7(8)Supercarsunday 7(9)Supercarsunday 7(10)Supercarsunday 7(11)Supercarsunday 7(12)Supercarsunday 7(15)Supercarsunday 5(5)Supercarsunday 6(9)Supercarsunday 7(2)Supercarsunday 7(4)Supercarsunday 6(7)Supercarsunday 6(10)Supercarsunday 7(1)Supercarsunday 5(6)Supercarsunday 5(15)

Even an all time classic like the F40 went on track and it was a great sight to behold. I still love the F40 even between these new age hypercars. After some laps it was time to leave the track and go back into the paddock again, to cool down, to show off and to enjoy the great colors on these cars. Be brave and pick a red Porsche 918 spyder or a Vertha ithaca Lamborghini Aventador SV. 

Supercarsunday 5(1)Supercarsunday 5(14)Supercarsunday 5(17)Supercarsunday 6(1)Supercarsunday 6(3)Supercarsunday 6(12)Supercarsunday 6(17)Supercarsunday 6(18)Supercarsunday 3(8)Supercarsunday 3(10)Supercarsunday 3(11)Supercarsunday 3(12)Supercarsunday 3(9)Supercarsunday 6(19)Supercarsunday 6(20)Supercarsunday 7(1)Supercarsunday 7(2)Supercarsunday 7(3)Supercarsunday 7(4)Supercarsunday 7(5)Supercarsunday 7(6)

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