Sport 1 Trackday: Drifting madness part one visited the Sport 1 trackday at the Nurburgring. Last year we visited this great event with the Rolling50 event, drifting, JP performance and so much more. Thats why we came back to look at the event again. This time we took a closer look to the drifting action in the paddock. Some sick drifting skills with some awesome cars participating.

Cars like a BMW 1M fitted with a BMW M5 e60 V10 engine, a BMW e36 with the V8 from the e92 M3, a lot of 2JZ japanese power and even a LS swapped Miata.

For the pictures the silvia and Skyline fitted some color tires for drifting which was such a great sight to see.

Drifting (1)Drifting (2)Drifting (3)Drifting (4)Drifting (5)Drifting (6)Drifting (7)Drifting (8)Drifting (9)Drifting (10)Drifting (11)Drifting (12)Drifting (13)Drifting (1)Drifting (2)

However our car of the day was the BMW 1M with a BMW M5 e60 V10 engine. Car started its life as a diesel 1-serie from the UK. The car was completely transformed fitted with a manual gearbox and the masterpiece a BMW M5 e60 V10 engine. The sound of the V10 is still one of the best ever. However maintenance of this car is crazy, changing your rod bearing every 2000-3000 km's. However you must realize these cars are driven to the maximum every round, slipping the clutch and flicking it in, revving to the limiter each round. These maintenance cost are also very heavy for the 2JZ thought but the V10 is something very special.

Oh, we almost forgot the tires. About 1 set each round, woowwwwww.

Drifting (4)Drifting (5)Drifting (6)Drifting (7)Drifting (8)Drifting (9)Drifting (10)Drifting (11)Drifting (12)Drifting (13)Drifting (1)Drifting (2)Drifting (3)Drifting (4)Drifting (5)

Our cameraman stepped onboard the tire slayer 1M V10 and made a great video, which you can check out below. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe to the channel and to like us on  


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