Red Ferrari LaFerrari FXXK: 13 minutes Onboard and Camera FAIL attend the Ferrari Corse Clienti exclusive track event at Spa-Francorchamps. This very exclusive trackday has the best cars from a Ferrari Enzo FXX, FXXK, 599XX and the legendary F1 cars. This time we take a in depth look at this red and yellow Ferrari FXXK. The Corse Clienti program lets you customize your XX car in every detail. This owners favorite colors are red and yellow. He also ordered a Ferrari LaFerrari in orange, why? Because that's the color you get when matching red and yellow. 

The Ferrari LaFerrari was custom made in the personalia program. The owner told us they were very happy not seeing a red color.

Ferrari FXXK(1)Ferrari FXXK(2)Ferrari FXXK(7)Ferrari FXXK(8)Ferrari FXXK(9)Ferrari FXXK(10)Ferrari FXXK(1)Ferrari FXXK(3)Ferrari FXXK(4)Ferrari FXXK(5)Ferrari FXXK(6)Ferrari FXXK(2)Ferrari FXXK(3)Ferrari FXXK(4)Ferrari FXXK(5)

The Ferrari FXXK has a V12 combined with a Kers system. This system re-energizes the batteries when braking. In full qualification mode the Ferrari FXXK has a bit over 1000HP. This screaming V12 sounds so good at full power, wow. 

Ferrari FXXK(6)Ferrari FXXK(7)Ferrari FXXK(8)Ferrari FXXK(9)Ferrari FXXK(10)Ferrari FXXK(1)Ferrari FXXK(2)Ferrari FXXK(3)Ferrari FXXK(4)Ferrari FXXK(5)Ferrari FXXK(6)Ferrari FXXK(7)Ferrari FXXK(12)Ferrari FXXK(14)Ferrari FXXK(15)

Our camera man made two awesome video's. However our Gopro wasn't strong enought against the enormous power of the FXXK. It felt off............

However we did made another 13 minutes pure sounds video. Relax, sit back and enjoyw 13 minutes of onboard, exhausts and flyby's sounds. 

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