Google CEO Ferrari FXXK & 599XX: Hitting a bird a 250 Kph visited the Corse Clienti event at Spa-Francorchamps. This exclusive event attract the best XX cars from Ferrari.The event is fully organised by Ferrari. They bring out your FXX, FXXK or 599XX, provide a team of engineers, lunch and dinner.

@Because_race_wife and @Yonly65 both were present with their matching FXXK and 599XX. These yellow monster look and sound awesome. Both are bought by one of the Google CEO's, who has a love for yellow supercars, especially Ferrari. 

Ferrari 599XX(1)Ferrari 599XX(2)Ferrari 599XX(3)Ferrari 599XX(4)Ferrari 599XX(5)Ferrari 599XX(6)Ferrari 599XX(7)Ferrari 599XX(8)Ferrari 599XX(9)Ferrari 599XX(10)Yellow 599XX(1)Yellow 599XX(2)Yellow 599XX(3)Yellow 599XX(4)Yellow 599XX(6)

The Ferrari V12 is one of the best sounding engines ever. The 599XX Evo is a bit more old-skool than the KERS driven FXXK. The FXXK is normally around 2-3 seconds faster than the 599XX.

The FXXK has around 1000HP in the qualification mode. Both cars sound awesome, and I actually prefer the 599XX sound.

Yellow 599XX(8)Yellow 599XX(1)Yellow 599XX(2)Yellow 599XX(4)Yellow 599XX(5)Yellow 599XX(6)Yellow 599XX(7)Yellow 599XX(8)Yellow 599XX(9)Yellow 599XX(10)Yellow 599XX(1)Yellow 599XX(2)Yellow 599XX(4)Yellow 599XX(5)Yellow 599XX(3)Yellow 599XX(6)Yellow 599XX(7)Yellow 599XX(8)Yellow 599XX(9)Yellow 599XX(11)Yellow 599XX(13)

We put our Gopro´s onboard the 599XX to go for a full lap around the gorgeous Spa-Francorchamps. During the main straight after Eau-Rouge when traveling over 250 Kp/h (155 MPH) it hit a bird right on the bonnet. No damage was done to the car but I think the bird had some major damage. Check out the video down below on our

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