BMW M Club Opening Meeting visited the first BMW M Club meeting in the Netherlands. This BMW M club is only for BMW M car owners. This was the first meeting organised by BMW M dealer F. Breeman. We went to take a look around and see what they are planning for the year.

BMW dealer F. Breeman, organised a big BMW M event a couple of years ago with every BMW M car on display. Take a look here:

There were about 40 BMW M car attending, with the BMW M4 GTS being the centre of attention just being delivered to a club member.  However I loved the all red BMW Z8, what a stunning car.

BMW M Club(1)BMW M Club(2)BMW M Club(4)BMW M Club(12)BMW M Club(3)BMW M Club(4)BMW M Club(5)BMW M Club(7)BMW M Club(8)

The garage was filled with BMW M cars. Some of them where nicely tuned, like the red BMW M4. First of all, great color! They it was fitted with Vorsteiner wheels, BMW M performance side skirts, front spoiler and steering wheels looking great.

Still love the BMW M3 e46 especially tuned with a carbon airbox, more here:

BMW M Club(9)BMW M Club(10)BMW M Club(1)BMW M Club(2)BMW M Club(3)BMW M Club(5)BMW M Club(6)BMW M Club(7)BMW M Club(8)BMW M Club(9)BMW M Club(11)BMW M Club(10)

Another great tuned BMW M4 was the phoenix yellow one. Brand new M performance spoiler which I liked a lot. Looked great with the M stripes and all carbon fiber. This one also has an Injen air intake, Vorsteiner wheels and was tuned by BR-performance to 525HP and 720NM of torque. Great looking car.

I was a fun first meeting seeing some very familiar faces like the BMW M5 e60 by Mosselman and a couple of more BMW M fans and owners. Hope to see the club grow and be active.

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