Mercedes AMG Madness, Burnouts, IPE Exhaust and more went along for a long weekend at the best place on earth, the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We had a great weekend, although cold we had dry and sunny weather. At the famous ED gasstation we saw a huge group of English Mercedes AMG cars. Cars like the C63 AMG, C63 AMG Black Series, CLS63AMG, E55 AMG and more. These cars were al tuned by MSL Performance located in Birmingham. 

One of the Mercedes C63 AMG Black series was tuned with a Weistec supercharger, IPE Innotech exhaust and was running 882HP! This car was an absolute beast. It sounded so loud from its 6.2 V8 engine.

Mercedes AMG Madness(1)Mercedes AMG Madness(4)Mercedes AMG Madness(2)Mercedes AMG Madness(3)Mercedes AMG Madness(5)Mercedes AMG Madness(6)Mercedes AMG Madness(7)Mercedes AMG Madness(8)Mercedes AMG Madness(9)Mercedes AMG Madness(10)Mercedes AMG Madness(1)Mercedes AMG Madness(2)

All the other AMG cars where also fitted with aftermarket exhaust or muffler deletes. All sounding like very angry V8 beasts.

Mercedes AMG Madness(3)Mercedes AMG Madness(4)Mercedes AMG Madness(5)Mercedes AMG Madness(6)Mercedes AMG Madness(7)Mercedes AMG Madness(8)

This surely attracted our attention. So many AMG cars at one place, can only mean one thing, Burnout time! recorded this great burnout from the 882HP Mercedes C63 AMG Black series. This is what you call a monster burnout, burning rubber and even setting of car alarms from its IPE innotech exhaust, insane. Check it out!

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Big thanks to MSL performance!


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