For Sale: BMW i8 at the Erasmusbrug Photoshoot had the pleasure to photoshooy yet another BMW i8. As you may have seen before, we did a extensive photoshoot with a white BMW i8 from BMW dealer de Fonkert, which can be seen here:

During that ride I thought the BMW i8 was great as a special daily driver. It has the looks and feels really special. 

Power comes from a perky little 4-cylindre fitted with a turbo and the electric motors making this a self-sufficient hybrid producing 357HP. Meaning it can charge itself by driving and by braking it re-energizes the batteries. With its four wheel drive system this car is incredibly fast of the line. Capable from 0-62MPH in 3.6 seconds is supercar territory. 

WeDrive: BMW I8(2)WeDrive: BMW I8(3)WeDrive: BMW I8(4)WeDrive: BMW I8(5)WeDrive: BMW I8(6)WeDrive: BMW I8(7)

It looks and feels special, not only inside but by the looks we had in Rotterdam, also from the outside. The doors are certainly a showpiece and give the car an unique look.

We ofcoarse had to take this car to a McDonalds McDrive only to test the doors :).

For a long time we wanted to do a photoshoot at the famous Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam. This unique bridge is an icon in Rotterdam and easily accessible from the dock. 

WeDrive: BMW I8(8)WeDrive: BMW I8(9)WeDrive: BMW I8(10)WeDrive: BMW I8(1)WeDrive: BMW I8(2)WeDrive: BMW I8(3)WeDrive: BMW I8(4)WeDrive: BMW I8(2)WeDrive: BMW I8(1)

This car is for sale so if you are interested don't forget to comment or get in contact with us here.

The car is black, with a black interior and has 44.000 km on the odometer. Drives and feels like new, with a lot of Blue accents inside. 

Take a look at how fast a BMW i8 can be, as we tested in our previous i8 testdrive. 

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