GMTEC 2018: Supercar and Hypercar meeting part two visited the unofficial opening of the supercar and hypercar season during the GMTEC 2018 meeting. It was time for some great cars like the Ferrari F12, Lamborghini Huracan N-Largo, Porsche 991 GT3 RS and some more great cars.

You hopefully have already seen part one here:

GMTEC 2018 part 2(1)GMTEC 2018 part 2(2)GMTEC 2018 part 2(3)GMTEC 2018 part 2(4)GMTEC 2018 part 2(5)GMTEC 2018 part 2(6)GMTEC 2018 part 2(7)GMTEC 2018 part 2(8)GMTEC 2018 part 2(9)GMTEC 2018 part 2(10)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(1)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(2)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(3)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(4)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(5)

We like these kind of meeting, there is a lot of variety and lots of owners interact with eachother. You can see a chrome blue Maserati Quattroporte on the one side and a McLaren SLR on the other side. Also lots of great BMW M2, M3, M4's were present. These can be tuned to personalize to the likings of the owner.

Also present was a bad ass Lamborghini Huracan N-Largo edition. This car has a 800HP Supercharger and wide body kit from Novitec looking mean. But the Ferrari 812 Superfast is such an aggressive looking car.

GMTEC 2018 Part 2(6)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(7)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(8)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(9)GMTEC 2018 Part 2(10)GMTEC 2018 Part 2

The Yas Marine BMW M3 (Instagram owner: @yasblueM3) was looking great. also recorded the loudest BMW M6 we ever heard. This car had a full custom exhaust, no cats and eisenmann race end pipes. It was shooting some loud pops and bangs from the exhaust. Do you like it?

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