DTM Zandvoort 2018: Action On track

Trackandtuner.com visited the DTM Zandvoort 2018. You could allready have seen the paddock and the pitlane articles here:



We liked seeing and hearing this cars in person. All sound pretty much the same, however the engine set up is slightly different.

All cars are limited to 500HP, V8 and weight around 1030KG.

DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(10)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(1)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(2)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(3)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(4)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(5)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(6)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(7)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(8)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(9)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(10)DTM Zandvoort 2018(7)

A last walk around in the paddock showcasing, Audi and the new BMW 8-series ended our weekend at the DTM.

What is your favorite picture?

SuperCarChallenge Zandvoort DTM Part two(11)SuperCarChallenge Zandvoort DTM Part two(5)SuperCarChallenge Zandvoort DTM Part two(12)SuperCarChallenge Zandvoort DTM Part two(13)SuperCarChallenge Zandvoort DTM Part two(7)DTM Zandvoort 2018(8)DTM Zandvoort 2018 part three(9)DTM Zandvoort 2018(4)DTM Zandvoort 2018(5)

Check out the video down below, for the sound and a summary of the weekend.

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