GranTurismo Events 2018: More Action on Track visited Gran Turismo Event 2018 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. This is one of the best events of the year.

The organisation, the cars and the people, it is all flawless.

This fully catered event, brings luxury, quality track time and good food to the Nurburgring. However we are all about the cars, and guess what, those are also sublime. As you could have seen in the previous versions, there were so many Porsche GT2 RS cars: 

Granturismo 2018 part 4(1)Granturismo 2018 part 4(2)Granturismo 2018 part 4(4)Granturismo 2018 part 4(3)Granturismo 2018 part 4(5)Granturismo 2018 part 4(6)Granturismo 2018 part 4(7)Granturismo 2018 part 4(8)Granturismo 2018 part 4(9)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(3)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(4)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(5)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(6)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(7)Granturismo 2018 part 4(10)

These photos are made in the Mini Karoussel, which for me is a great location. The cars come in hot and jump out of the corner when done right.

Which picture is your favorite? 

Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(1)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(7)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(8)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(9)Granturismo Events 2018 part 4(10)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(1)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(2)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(3)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(4)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(5)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(6)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(7)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(8)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(9)Granturismoevents 2018 part 4(10)

After a small hop back to the paddock, to see the red crew, it was time to go to some other corners around the Nordschleife and view the cars from a different perspective. jumped onboard an insane BMW 2002. This car has a supercharged engine from a Honda S2000. It has over 400HP, a manual gearbox and it super light. Love this BMW VTEC machine. 

So tell me which car is your favorite, the Porsche GT2 RS, the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan Performante or the Aston Martin GT8?

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