Porsche Driving Days part 2: Nordschleife invasion

In the first part you saw all the Porsches at the gas station but there true natural environment is the Nordschleife. The attraction of Porsches to the Nordschleife is not a coincidence they really are made for using it on the track.

We went to check out all these Porsche at different corners on the Nordschleife. Conditions weren’t easy with showers and a damp track its always tricky especially on the Nordschleife.

One thing that we did notice was the speed of the 911 turbo, it seems to do it so easily thanks to its all wheel drive system it really takes off.

The different Porsches were divided into groups based on their track experience. All had an instructor driving in front to set the pace.

This made it possible to capture big groups in one image. But also created some traffic jams on the Nordschleife when a faster group went to overtake a slower group as seen in the video.

invasion 1(1)invasion 1(2)invasion 1(4)invasion 1(6)invasion 1(5)invasion 1(7)invasion 1(8)invasion 1(9)invasion 2(1)

The GT2 RS and the GT3 RS where the best to capture on camera with there great color dynamics.

Enjoy the images and the video which shows all the different Porsches, Ferrari 458 Italia, Nissan GTR and even an Audi RS5.

invasion 2(2)invasion 2(3)invasion 2(4)invasion 2(5)invasion 2(6)invasion 2(7)invasion 2(8)invasion 2(9)invasion 2(10)




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