Photoshoot: Cleanly modded M5 e39 and M3 e46 had the opportunity to get together with two cleanly modded BMW ///M cars for a photoshoot down the beach.

A Le Mans blue BMW M5 e39 fitted with BBS LM wheels, a Hayward and Scott exhaust, coilover suspension and some nice carbon parts, like the rear diffuser. This M5 e39 is also fitted with a custom hood with the dome of a M3 e46. The Owner has experimented a lot with different exhaust set ups. It has had a muffler delete and a full Eisenmann system. Both sounded really hard but according to the owner had a bit of a rasp. The Hayward and Scott exhaust deletes this rasp and only lets you hear a clear V8 sound. This is still one of the best BMW engines made.

The phoenix yellow M3 e46 has CSL brakes, an Eisenmann exhaust system and hell blue angel eyes.

The straight six engine with its eisenmann exhaust make this M3 a perfect example of a cleanly modded M3.

M5 e39 & M3 e46(5)M5 e39 & M3 e46(1)M5 e39 & M3 e46(2)M5 e39 & M3 e46(3)M5 e39 & M3 e46(6)M5 e39 & M3 e46(4)M5 e39 & M3 e46(5)M5 e39 & M3 e46(6)M5 e39 & M3 e46(1)M5 e39 & M3 e46(2)M5 e39 & M3 e46(3)M5 e39 & M3 e46(4)

Check out the video’s of both cars:

M3 e46 with Eisenmann Race exhaust:

M5 e39 with muffler delete:

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