MartinoRosso racing with a new Ferrari 458 GT2

Last time we visited MartinoRosso racing in Zolder they were driving their Ferrari 458 GT3 in the Super GT division, resulting in a fifth place.  This time they have upgraded to the new Ferrari 458 GT2. The 458 GT2 is quite a lot different from the GT3, especially in aerodynamics. This results in a much more competitive car in a very strong field of contenders.

MartinoRosso 458 GT2(2)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(2)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(6)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(6)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(1)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(3)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(5)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(5)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(2)

With very tricky conditions the race was though. Starting from the second row the Ferrari 458 GT2 had a good start and started to pull in the other cars within the first few laps, eventually leading the field in a cloudy and cold Zolder. The weather made the race extra tricky, with a few spots, the track started to get slippery. Eventually it began to rain more and more. MartinoRosso racing decided to go into the pit and change to full wet tires. After a few hard laps in cold conditions, they started to set the best lap times, catching the Lamborghini (from a different championship) and eventually passing the Lamborghini in the chicane.

Resulting in a great second place in Super GT division. fitted our cameras on the car recording the awesome sound of the Ferrari 458 GT2, even shooting flames from the exhaust. Due to the slippery conditions our Gopro looked was seriously filthy.

MartinoRosso 458 GT2(4)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(3)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(4)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(5)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(3)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(4)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(6)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(1)MartinoRosso 458 GT2(1)

We would like to thank MartinoRosso racing with Ferrari for again a great experience: 

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