For sale: 1100HP BMW M3 e30 with Supra engine takes an in depth look at a BMW M3 e30 fitted with a 1100HP Supra 2JZ engine. This car originally started as an original BMW M3 e30. However Norwegian Performance needed something bigger and better to race the ¼ mile. After fitting a huge turbo on the original S14 engine they have now swapped it for a Supra 2JZ engine producing 1100HP. The car was completely stripped down and refurbished to restrain to immense power and to get ready for Gatebill.

We met up during Gran Turismo events where the owner informed us that the car is now for sale. After some final checkups the car was ready for the opening evening on the Nurburgring GP-strecke. With wide run off areas this was the ideal place to display some brilliant drifts.  It is a real sensation to go sideways at 200kp/h looking at completely the other way.

1100HP BMW M3 e30(4)1100HP BMW M3 e30(2)1100HP BMW M3 e30(6)1100HP BMW M3 e30(1)1100HP BMW M3 e30(4)1100HP BMW M3 e30(5)

The car has been completely overhauled with a full roll cage, 750i differential, Sellholm suspension, a sequential gearbox and the masterpiece a Supra 2JZ engine producing 1100hp/1200NM at 4500RPM. This car can complete the ¼ in 8 seconds, but as the owner shows it can also handle the most difficult track on earth the Nordschleife in just 8:02 BTG. With a Porsche GT2RS as a pace car tomedelic1 records the full lap at the Nordschleife. As you can see, the owner puts down some huge drifts on the Nordschleife and there is more potential as he is faster than the great 620HP Porsche GT2RS at some parts.

1100HP BMW M3 e30(1)1100HP BMW M3 e30(3)1100HP BMW M3 e30(2)1100HP BMW M3 e30(3)1100HP BMW M3 e30(5)1100HP BMW M3 e30(6)

We would like to thank the owner for this great experience and great driving. This car is for sale, for more info contact us. Check out these awesome videos and the full 8:02 min lap around the Nordschleife.

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On 2018-08-08 11:12:51 Stan wrote:
I am just curious - but big time - what steering ratio it has? Looks sharper than 13:1!
On 2014-07-01 17:10:51 TrackandTuner wrote:
This car is for sale for 68000 euros. For more info contact-->
On 2014-06-29 16:57:15 Vilius wrote:

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