Paasraces Zandvoort: The SuperGT and GTB division visited the Zandvoort Paasraces. In our first article we presented an overall impression of a full raceday on Zandvoort.  In our second article we have seen the Supersport and Sport division. Now we look at the fastest division of the Dutch Supercar Challenge called the SuperGT. With cars like a Ferrari 458 GT2, Audi R8 LMS, Corvettes and many more this class is filled with supercars ready to tackle Zandvoort circuit.

The Dutch Supercar Challenge has been expanding over the last couple of years with lots of exciting supercars. During the Eastern races the normal field of contenders was joined by an Audi maintained R8 LMS and new cars were presented like the cannabis Vicora V8. Just like last year the Volvo V8 is one of the big contenders and now has a partner with Kevin Snoeks in another Volvo V8. However he crashed during the first race and was out in a Corvette during race 2. This also didn’t go well as he lost his brakes in the first corner and went in the gravel.

Paasraces SuperGT(1)Paasraces SuperGT(1)Paasraces SuperGT(3)Paasraces SuperGT(5)Paasraces SuperGT(2)Paasraces SuperGT(2)Paasraces SuperGT(2)Paasraces SuperGT(3)Paasraces SuperGT(4)Paasraces SuperGT(5)Paasraces SuperGT(6)Paasraces SuperGT(1)Paasraces SuperGT(2)Paasraces SuperGT(3)Paasraces SuperGT(4)Paasraces SuperGT(5)Paasraces SuperGT(6)Paasraces SuperGT(1)Paasraces SuperGT(2)Paasraces SuperGT(3)Paasraces SuperGT(4)

After the a light shower in the Supersport and Sport division the track was dry. After a lightning start of team MartinoRosso they went through the first corner leading the pack in front of the Audi R8 LMS and Volvo V8. The Ferrari stayed in front for the first couple of laps with the Audi R8 right on his tail. However the Audi managed to pull in front and started to build up a lead. After the pit stop the Ferrari started to close the gap rapidly, with two new drivers in the cars. Only in the last minutes the Ferrari 458 GT2 pulled alongside and managed to overtake the Audi R8 LMS. Just in time because after the overtake the safety car was released to clean up the crash of a Viper. The full field finished behind the safety car with Team MartinoRosso on first place followed by the Audi R8 LMS and Volvo V8.

In the GTB division there was another win for a Curbstone Ferrari 458 GT3, clearly the Ferrari’s were having a great day tackling the difficult Zandvoort circuit.

Paasraces SuperGT(5)Paasraces SuperGT(6)Paasraces SuperGT(7)Paasraces SuperGT(8)Paasraces SuperGT(9)Paasraces SuperGT(1)Paasraces SuperGT(4)Paasraces SuperGT(5)Paasraces SuperGT(6)Paasraces SuperGT(5)Paasraces SuperGT(1)Paasraces SuperGT(6)Paasraces SuperGT(4)Paasraces SuperGT(2)Paasraces SuperGT(3)Paasraces SuperGT(3)Paasraces SuperGT(4)Paasraces SuperGT(6)

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