Curbstone Track events: Racecars

Thanks to MartinoRosso, attended a Curbstone Track event at Spa-Francorchamps. In our first part you have seen the streetcars which attended. In this part we take a look at the overload of racecars. Lots of Ferrari cars participated like the Ferrari 458 challenge, Ferrari GT3 and GT2 endurance cars. Some were from the Blancpain series others like MartinoRosso were from the Dutch Supercar Challenge. We also see a Mercedes SLS GT3 and Porsche cup cars.


Lots of gorgeous cars were racing across the beautiful Spa circuit. This makes Curbstone a unique Trackday organizer as they give racecars the chance to test on their level without a lot of slower cars. For example the difference between a fast GT3RS and a Porsche cup car could be over 35 seconds on a track like Spa, this is a huge speed difference. Therefore separate sessions provide safety and better test opportunities. Combined with the overall quality feel during lunch, open bar and organization, Curbstone provides a great Trackday opportunity for both the fast racing car driver and the enthusiast sports car driver.


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